what to do
on your postponed wedding

Postponing your wedding is a decision that can stir up all manners of emotions and feelings.

If this is something you and your partner face, it’s important to remember that postponement is just that, a postponement. As a couple, you’ll still get to experience and enjoy your wedding day, it just may not be on the date you’d hoped for.

So, what can you do on your original wedding date so that it still feels special?


Bake a wedding cake

As you’ll now be celebrating your wedding day on two dates it means you can have two cakes! Choose a recipe with your partner, you can opt for the same wedding cake that you’d originally chosen or, go for something completely different.

Once your masterpiece is ready, stage a special cake cutting. Cut the cake together and feed one another an extra-large slice.


Get dressed up and have your first dance

If there was ever an occasion to get dressed up for, this is it! You could wear your favourite outfit or treat yourself to something new – whatever makes you feel your best. Once your partners finished showering you with complements, pop on your wedding song and enjoy your first dance.


Cook your wedding menu

If you enjoy cooking or just want to try it for a laugh, cook your wedding menu. This makes for a wonderfully romantic dinner and a completely unique experience. 

We suggest preparing the food before you get dressed up, just in case!

If you don’t fancy cooking and you have some very helpful bridesmaids, they could always prepare the food for you!


Write a love letter, get poetic or write some vows

Just because you won’t be reading your ‘actual’ vows on the day, it doesn’t mean you can’t pen some romantic words for your partner.  Whether you write another set of vows, a love letter or a romantic poem, it’s a great opportunity to tell you partner how much you love them.


Share a glass of champagne with your nearest and dearest

So far, you’ve, indulged in a whole wedding cake, dressed up, are looking forward to your wedding dinner and danced with your partner – now it’s time to share the love. You can host a virtual ceremony and invite your favourite people to enjoy a glass of champagne with you.